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Offre de formation 2023-2024

Les dernières années nous ont amenées à développer des formations en ligne. Celles-ci nous ont permis de mieux desservir l’ensemble des régions du Québec, même que des personnes de la... Read more →

Entrevue de Jessica Dufresne

🟡 Écoutez l'entrevue de Jessica Dufresne, chargée de projet droit à l'alimentation au RCCQ, lors de l'émission de JONCTION 11-17 sur les ondes de Radio-Canada OhDio. CLIQUEZ ICI pour écouter... Read more →

🟡 Ne manquez pas la percutante entrevue de Jessica Dufresne, chargée de projet droit à l'alimentation au RCCQ. Elle y fait un lien entre l'insécurité alimentaire, son impact sur la... Read more →

Les cuisines collectives font la manchette en cette Journée nationale des cuisines collectives 2023!

Rassemblées, les cuisines collectives du Québec célèbrent en grand et font parler d'elles. 2023-03-25 La Presse (Véronique Larocque) Cliquez ici : Mitonner l’entraide · CCGP 2023-03-26 Journal de Montréa et... Read more →


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TRAINING IS essential to OUR collective SUCCESS…AND like A WINNING RECIPE, our courses adapt TO ANY OCCASION.

WHY participate in TRAINING?

To improve your skills, increase your leadership abilities, recognize and share your experiences, and to have more fun. To make an impact in our milieu and our lives. To learn that we have the power to make a change, and that a great recipe evolves and improves over time.

Our trainings embody the values in our Base d’unité politique (“Basis of political unity”): solidarity, democracy, equity, social justice, autonomy, responsibility, respect and dignity for all people.

We’ll share our knowledge and experience of collective kitchens with you, and you’ll share your knowledge and experiences with us. Together, we’ll build a movement that serves our members.

Who can get training?

The courses offered by RCCQ are available to all members of the Quebec Collective Kitchens Association. Only the “Starting a collective kitchen” course is offered to the general public. If you’d like to receive training, we’ll come to you!

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Is a collective kitchen a community kitchen?

A collective kitchen allows participants to bring home the food they prepare. In a community kitchen, members sit down together to eat the meal they’ve made.

Do I need cooking experience to join a collective kitchen?

No experience is required! Collective kitchens allow us to learn and share together, whether you’re an expert or beginner.

Do I need to demonstrate financial need to join a collective kitchen?

No, collective kitchens are open to people in all walks of life. You’re welcome to join regardless of your financial situation. Whether you’re looking to save money, time, or build community…they’re all good reasons to cook together!

Are collective kitchens community groups?

Most collective kitchens are part of community organizations, like schools or community centres. But our members also include independent collective kitchen groups!

Do collective kitchens need to be equipped like commercial kitchens?

No, a household kitchen is fine as long as there’s enough space to cook as a group. However, you may find that the size of your kitchen limits the number of participants in your group.

Can I join a collective kitchen even if I have dietary restrictions?

Yes. The meals a collective kitchen prepares are chosen by the group in a democratic way that accommodates dietary restrictions, special diets, allergies, and personal preferences. There are also groups dedicated to vegetarian cooking, members with diabetes, and diverse cultural communities.

If I join a collective kitchen, will I be taking resources that could help someone in greater need?

No. Collective kitchens are for anyone, regardless of their needs, and there’s room for everyone.

I'd like to initiate a collective kitchen. Where do I start?

You’ve come to the right place! Check out our training program, which will help prepare you for your project. Write to to request the “Starting a collective kitchen” training. Our team is also available to answer your questions and provide support. Feel free to get in touch!

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