Working Groups

Working GRoups are essential

To implement the RCCQ’s action plan, the Board of Directors has established several working groups with different mandates. The working groups operate year-round and are dedicated to representing all RCCQ members from 16 regions of Quebec.

The working groups anchor the RCCQ in the communities it serves and ensure that the collective kitchen movement is able to pursue its vision of participatory democracy.

Working GRoups

Regions Table

The RCCQ strives for each region to nominate a member who can represent their experience in the Regions Table. This is a place of discussion and dialogue where bonds of mutual support and solidarity are forged. The mandate of the Table is to:

  • Maintain connections between the RCCQ and the regions it serves
  • Make recommendations on regional issues to the Board of Directors
  • Foster networking among the community kitchens in each region
  • Develop an understanding of the needs of each region and communicate them to the other regions
  • Provide a forum for meetings and discussion, in order to build a common way of expressing our vision and goals
  • Identify common strategies for advocacy at the local, regional, and national levels.

Collective Kitchen Funding Committee

  • Pursues recognition for collective kitchen organizations, in order to secure adequate funding for all regular RCCQ members
  • Documents how collective kitchen organizations are funded
  • Documents possible avenues for collective kitchen financing
  • Develops a persuasive case for funding partners
  • Updates the organizational framework and financing of collective kitchens

National gathering Committee

  • Proposes the direction, theme, and implementation of the National Gathering, in alignment with the RCCQ’s annual guidelines
  • Organizes the planning and logistics of the National Gathering event
  • Organizes the presentation of the yearly activity report at the AGA

Training Committee

  • Organizes the training program to ensure that training addresses the specific needs and realities of collective kitchens
  • Continuously optimizes training activities to ensure up-to-date content and representation of different facets of the program
  • Responds to training needs expressed by members