Collective Kitchen training programs are an essential tool for the success of our collective project… Also, they are like a recipe that we can adapt to obtain the exact flavour we want!

Why Take Training?


To improve your skills. For the sheer joy of learning and growing. To develop greater self-sufficiency. To gain useful knowledge. To discover, become aware of and share our mutual wealth of experience.

Training helps us to act positively on our environment and in our lives. Through training, we learn that we have the power to effect change, and that a winning approach can be enhanced and improved over time.

Our training sessions impart the values set forth in our Basis of Unity – solidarity, democracy, equality, social justice, autonomy, self-sufficiency, respect and dignity.

We share our collective kitchen experience and knowledge with you, and you share your personal experience and knowledge with us. Together, we build a movement by and for the members.

Who are the Training Sessions For?

The training sessions and workshops offered by the RCCQ are available to all RCCQ members. The one training program that is also available to the public is Starting a Collective Kitchen.


Training and Workshops

  • Starting a Collective Kitchen: Training that provides the knowledge and tools needed to start and run a successful collective kitchen. Available in English.
  • Leading a Collective Kitchen: A workshop that helps facilitators examine their group facilitation approach through an in-depth look at the concepts of empowerment, action and popular education. Available in English.
  • Healthy Food Awareness: In this workshop, participants gain greater awareness about food habits and choices.
  • À la carteTraining: Custom training sessions tailored to a group’s specific needs as identified by that group.
  • Hands-On Accompaniment: Training designed to empower groups and develop their autonomy and power to act, by accompanying them through the steps.
  • Hands-On Facilitator Training: Sessions aimed at developing a network of trainer-facilitators deployed throughout the different regions of Quebec. These trainer-facilitators are able to offer RCCQ training and accompany a group or their organization through the development and empowerment process.
  • NEW!  “Healthy and Delicious!” Workshop. In this workshop, participants gain greater awareness about food habits and choices. We learn to make it healthy, while keeping it delicious and enjoyable.

Don’t wait til the last minute!

Contact José-Normand Vallée, training coordinator, for more details and to plan a training session in your area.

Telephone: 1-866-529-3448/514 529-3448 (Ext. 205)


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