Comités de travail

To implement the RCCQ’s action plan, the Board of Directors has established several working committees with different mandates. The committees operate year-round and are dedicated to representing all the RCCQ members from 16 regions of Quebec.

The work of the committees is invaluable and indeed essential, because it ensures that the RCCQ is firmly rooted and that the collective kitchen movement is able to pursue its vision of participatory democracy.

2017-2018 work committees

Regions Table

Ideally, the members of each region nominate a person to represent them on the Regions Table, which is a place of discussion and dialogue where bonds of mutual support and solidarity are forged. The mandate of the Table includes:

  • Ensuring ties between the RCCQ and the regions.
  • Making recommendations on regional issues to the Board of Directors.
  • Fostering networking among the community kitchens in each region.
  • Understanding the needs of each region and making them known to the other regions.
  • Providing a forum for meetings and for discussion in order to build a common way to articulate our vision and goals.
  • Identifying common strategies for advocacy at the local, regional and national levels.


Collective Kitchen Funding Committee

Benoist De Peyrelongue

François Duguay

Johanne Lavallée

Julie Bourdon-Richard

Lise Bilodeau

Vincent Frenette

Frédéric Paré


National Meeting Committee

Oumou Diallo

Nicole Ducharme

Jack Duhaime

Linda Letendre

Thérèse Mazerolle

Frédéric Paré

Aliette Poirier

Bianca Sévigny

Alain Tremblay


Training Committee

Chantale Descheneaux, Réseau des formatrices-animatrices du RCCQ

Nicole Ducharme, conseil d’administration

Alain Dunberry, professeur au Département d’éducation et de formation spécialisée, Université du Québec à Montréal


José-Normand Vallé, RCCQ


Work Relations Committee

Nicole Ducharme, conseil d’administration

Thérèse Mazerolle, conseil d’administration

Frédéric Paré,  RCCQ

Aliette Poirier,  RCCQ


Hiring and Follow-up Committee

Nicole Ducharme, conseil d’administration

Frédéric Paré, RCCQ

Sylvie Sarrasin, conseil d’administration