Ripe for food autonomy

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In 2013-2014, the Regroupement des cuisines collectives du Québec held a poster contest to stimulate thought and discussion about food autonomy. With the theme “Fais-moi un dessin… de l’autonomie alimentaire!”, the object of the contest was to come up with the best design for a poster illustrating food autonomy. Organized by the RCCQ’s Table des régions, the contest was open to all RCCQ members from across the province. The ultimate goal was to support mutual-help and partnership networks by fostering a shared vision of food autonomy. The various poster designs entered in the contest were put to a vote by the members in attendance at the 2014 annual provincial meeting. The winner by a large majority of votes was a poster with design elements depicting a game of snakes and ladders.


This idea of a shared vision was the point of departure for the creation of the poster. Also, the poster illustrates the fact that achieving food autonomy is a process that presents many opportunities but also obstacles and challenges.

The title of the poster “Mûres pour l’autonomie alimentaire” (Ripe for Food Autonomy), is also significant. It is, in fact, a slogan for our campaign promoting our food autonomy vision to be highlighted and presented to RCCQ members and partners in every region. The goal is to rally everyone around the same food autonomy vision. The poster’s colours incorporating dark shades of purple reflect the play on words in the title, as the French words for “ripe” (mûr) and blackberry (mûre) are homonyms.

While not the conventional image of a game of snakes and ladders, the circular shape helps illustrate that the path to food autonomy is not a set, linear one, but rather, a more complex and round-about process. Moreover, the circle is an excellent way to present the values of equality, solidarity and democracy that drive Quebec’s collective kitchen movement, because no position on the circle is superior to the others.


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